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My 1st contribution to Reader’s Digest: This Is How Doctors Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions

Sunkissed features us on the importance of women connecting & self-care……

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I had the wonderful honor of helping @thegirlfriendspod host Doc Swiner third annual New Year New You 2018 event!

I was truly blessed to meet so many great people and hear from some amazing girl bosses

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Making Life Sweeter One Bath at a Time!

Making Life Sweeter One Bath at a Time!

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top 3 tips from @docswiner:

1. sleep – always get at least 6 hours nightly
2. massage – pamper yourself. your body supports you all day every day, show it a little tlc with a full body massage
3. love – love yourself first, then share your love with others


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The Lux Blog highlights New Year New You 2018

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Third Time’s A Charm: DocSwiner’s New Year New You Brunch Recap

Written By: Kimberly M. Knight

Editor’s Note: 

We at The Lux Blog wish continued success to DocSwiner and thank you for inviting us.

Happy Friday Luvs!

It’s 2018! I still can’t believe its actually 2018. This is a time of year to reflect and to create a plan of action. This is when you hear about New Year’s Resolutions, new businesses, vision board parties, or empowering networking events. On January 6th, I had the opportunity to attend Dr. C. Nicole Swiner’s “New Year New You” Brunch! This year they celebrated 3 years of success and I met so many amazing women entrepreneurs. Including hosts the vibrant millennials of The Girlfriends Pod, a safe space and social space for southern Black women. DJ Big Fella made his event debut and the music set a chill, neo-soul type of vibe. I met wine expert Adrian Lindsay who provided wine samples of delicious white and red wines. The audience was able to have an intimate Q&A session during the sampling and we learned about Oak City Wine Syndicate wine club. The delicious brunch edibles were provided by Full Street Wings Cafe! My personal favorite was the fruit platter. Plus, I love seeing my favorite mobile bar service, Toast it Up, LLC, because they make the best mimosas. We engaged in entertaining “Elevator Pitch” segments to hear about other women business owners in the room and guests received tons of great giveaways. This is included DocSwiner’s Superwoman Survival Kit which featured local businesses and points on self-care.

The event featured Keynote Speaker and Fox 35 Journalist Kimberly Wiggins who gave an inspiring speech about perseverance through life’s challenges. She became a widow at 35 years old after losing her husband of 12 years to a fatal car accident. She’s taken that tragic experience and created Still His, a faith-based, retail grief organization to assist other widows. It was an enlightening experience for me to hear her story and to see how much passion she shared. It was almost like looking in a mirror because for the past 5 years I’ve been speaking publicly about my widow’s story. It was just the right dash of inspiration we all needed to see that no matter the circumstance there are options to move in positive light because we all need time to heal.

There were amazing vendors, guests, and the best part was networking with other fellow entrepreneurs. So what’s next for DocSwiner? I had a chance to chat with the good doctor on her business moves for 2018.

How does it feel to have your 3rd year of New Year New You?

I’m on a high today. This was a different format. It was smaller, more intimate so I was able to enjoy myself a little bit more. When you have so many speakers and vendors you have to be everywhere. So this time I was able to enjoy more.

What was your favorite highlight of the event?

The elevator pitch contest for sure and I’ve been thinking about it for awhile now. When it’s on a larger scale it’s harder to do. So I’m glad we had a smaller crowd this time so everyone could feel involved.

What’s next for DocSwiner?

I want to broaden the idea of not being a superwoman and self-care naturally. I’m starting the self-care subscription box, Superwoman Survival Kit, and for those interested in becoming self-published I have an online course.

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Welcome to 2018! I turn 40 this year!

newyearnewyou2018-2newyearnewyou2018-3newyearnewyou2018-1I’m fresh off the heels of my annual women’s event, New Year New You 2018, from this past weekend, and I’m still smiling from ear to ear.

This year’s event almost didn’t happen. Last year, with planning, funding, snowstorms and management of people and their personalities, I was burned out. I told the team “We’re taking a year off.” But, then multiple women started reaching out. After 2 years, they had become accustomed to the idea of getting together, in a room, with up and coming lady bosses, doing new and phenomenal things in life, business, work and career and enjoyed the camaraderie, support and new ideas that spring from a meeting like this. So, I said, “ok,” but we’re going to do it differently this year—-less stressful and more intimate. More meat, less frill. And, we had a blast.

I’m going to bring that attitude with me in 2018. More meat, less frill. More bang for my buck. Work smart, not hard…and all the other clichés.

I chose the theme of RESILIENCE for this year’s event and for good reason. Webster defines resilience as “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness: the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.” I see it as not giving up, despite adversity. Bouncing back after loss or disappointment. We dove into this deeply during the conference and shared our stories to uplift one another.

Take this with you into the new year as you deal with challenges, and apply to this to life’s past difficulties.

As you probably know, I preach about the killing of the superwoman complex, to help working women and mothers establish balance by focusing on self-care, selfishness and self-love. It’s life saving….literally. By giving women the permission to take time out for themselves, we’ve been able to cut down on treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and anxiety. And, the stress….oh, the stress of these recent years.

Discrimination is linked to stress.

Hating your job is linked to stress.

The #MeToo movement, although necessary and important, caused stress.

Political issues are linked to stress.

We have to kill the stress before it kills us.

As I prepare to turn 40 in April, I remind myself of my journey through my 20s and 30s. I’m a much stronger, wiser me now. I stand up for myself more and demand more respect, from my patients, staff, friends and colleagues. If I want it, I plan it out and go get it. And regarding resilience, I face rejection and failure head on, and either move forward and not let it hold me back or confront it and deal with it. No more passivity in 2018. I’m a real “grown woman” now.

And in the room, at the conference, I saw mirror images of both my former and current self: fellow “superwomen in recovery,” following our 12 steps together. In that room, I saw doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, mothers, caretakers and more, but more importantly, I saw women. Strong, yet delicate. Independent, yet vulnerable. Battered, but resilient.

My hope for you this year, and for myself in my 40th year, is that you leave with new connections, refreshed energy and exciting ideas to improve your self-care, work-life balance and mental health. Turn your past challenges into opportunities to affect change. I hope you are also encouraged to start a new business venture or improve your current business model.

Women, particularly women of color, hold this world up. We shape shift and codeswitch and make stuff happen—in our homes, at work, in politics and in our environment. We have been hurt by past relationships, family members, employers and coworkers and let down by our government. But through it all, we persevere and move forward. And for that, I, for one, am proud to be a superwoman. Cheers to you in 2018, and happy 40th to me.





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