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Contact me for booking and speaking at or -------------------------- Dr. Swiner (DocSwiner) is Family Medicine doctor, best-selling author x 5, national speaker, professor and self-publishing consultant/publisher. DocSwiner graduated from medical school at the Medical University in Charleston, South Carolina in 2004. She completed her residency at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in 2007 Areas of Medical Interest include: Minority Health, Women's Health and Pediatrics. She co-owns and works at Durham Family Medicine with her partner, Dr. Chilukuri, and physician assistants. She published her first book, How to Avoid the Superwoman Complex, in March 2015. It is available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Nobles online, Durham Family Medicine, Regulator Bookshop and Central Compounding Pharmacy (N.Duke St.) in Durham, NC; Quails Ridge in Raleigh. Her second book, The Superwoman Complex: A Follow-Up Visit, followed in print on August 2016 and became an international Amazon Best Seller the following month. She is available for speaking engagements and conferences and has just added "self publishing consultant" to her career, by helping others like her achieve the goal of publishing their own books. Contact her at or

New Year New You 2020 Vibes


That’s the theme I’ve picked for this year. I tend not to do vision boards, but we always pick one word to focus on for the year. Expansion felt right, as I’ve been working on extending and broadening my audience with the services that I offer; into different cities, states, and countries.

What’s your word for 2020?


This time of year is also dedicated to my annual women’s conference, called New Year New You, and it will be held next Saturday, January 18, 2020. Come join us for yoga with our keynote and yogi, Jessamyn Stanley, author of Every Body Yoga, along with music, meditation, acupuncture, massage therapy, eating, drinking and being merry.

My sis, Cicely Mitchell, has blessed us with the right vibe for this year’s event. She’s curated a playlist just for us to get into the mood of this year and for #newyearnewyou2020. It’s very throwback AOC, for the music lovers. Check out these picks for the artists to appreciate and keep your eye out for…….#trusttheCurator #sowhendoiclap.


‎Playlist · 11 Songs

New Year New You 2020 Playlist on Apple Music

Lastly, I’m excited about our new NoSuperwoman planner that launched this month. Make sure to check it out if you’re a planner fiend and need some organization in your life this year. It’s available in my online store:
I’m excited about what 2020 has in store for us. I hope you are, too.
Sending love and positive vibes,
Doc 🙂

Tackling the Superwoman Epidemic among Moms of Color w/ Dr. Omolara


If you’re off today and taking it easy, why don’t you take a listen to a fun and insightful podcast I had with a fellow mommy doc of color? It’s on my fave topics!! Thanks to Dr. Omolara of Supermom Rehab for having me.
On this week’s episode, I get to speak with the “No Superwoman” doc- Dr. C. Nicole Swiner, (@docswiner) about why tackling the Superwoman epidemic among moms of color is so critical for our health and well-being and practical solutions we can use to stop it from showing up in our motherhood journeys.⠀

This interview quickly turned into a fabulous chat that spanned a bunch of topics including our connection as dance moms of two little girls and reigning in our “tiger mom” tendencies. We also spoke about why tackling being a supermom is not something we can do alone and the importance of getting support and guidance from others.⠀

This aligned so perfectly with why group coaching is essential for moms of color,and many of you know, I run my Mama First coaching program for helping working moms of color experiencing stress learn how to invest in themselves. (FULL SHOW NOTES at:⠀

Have a great one,

Doc 🙂

My Swiner Publishing Co. Writer’s Retreat is Coming this Month!

MoreheadFacebookPicBest-Selling Author and Publisher Hosts Writer’s Retreat 

Weekend event allows writers and entrepreneurs to gain valuable tips.

DURHAM, N.C., September 20, 2019 – Best-selling author, publisher and entrepreneur C. Nicole “DocSwiner” Swiner, MD, will host an intimate Writer’s Retreat October 19 and 20, 2019. The event will take place on October 19-20, 2019, at Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast (picture shown above), located in Durham, NC. 

Returning for a second year, the retreat will include training, as well as marketing and writing workshops from successful authors and entrepreneurs. During networking portions, each guest will have the opportunity to leave the retreat with book copies already sold. 

Ticket prices range from $175 to $509, with options for an overnight stay, local stay, one-day admission or a new live streaming or recorded version ticket. Ticket costs cover room and board, brunch each day, along with take-home resources and materials. Additionally, each guest will leave with a book cover design, as well as professional headshots with a makeup artist. There is also an option for those unable to attend to live-stream the retreat. 

“I’m looking forward to inspiring a new group of authors this time around,” states Swiner. “Each retreat is thoughtfully curated to inspire, educate and support new authors.” 

“Before attending Doc Swiner’s Writing Retreat last year the idea of becoming a published author was merely just an idea. I left the retreat full of confidence that my work was good enough to share with the world and with the goal of publishing my first book before the year ended,” says Fallon Renee, Amazon best-selling author. 

“Not only was the retreat the catalyst that made my idea of becoming a published author a reality, it singlehandedly changed the course of my life,” Renee states.  “On the evening before the retreat ended, we had to do a live video on social media letting the world know that we were authors. That proclamation set so many great things in motion for me and I can honestly say that I would have never taken that leap of faith without the encouragement I received that weekend in Durham.” 


**picture above is from last year’s retreat**

ABOUT DOCSWINER: C. Nicole Swiner, MD, “DocSwiner”, is a family physician,best selling author and publishing consultant, wife and mother of 2. Her interests include Minority Health, Women’s Health, and Pediatrics. For her undergraduate education, she attended Duke University and went to medical school at the Medical University of South Carolina, in Charleston, SC. She speaks nationally on the Superwoman Complex, entrepreneurship, mental health and self-publishing and runs Swiner Publishing Co., helping others to publish their works. 


Ticket site:

FB page:

Footage from last year:

Media Contact:           

Chelsey Bentley Holts | 


My Writing Tips Highlight on #SoMeDocs



Writing Secrets: Nicole Swiner, MD

(A SoMeDocs Advice Project)




I’m good at pulling people’s stories out of them and holding their hands to guide them across the finish line of publishing their books.


No, but I’ve now published over 40 or so best-selling authors. I did read some publishing books initially, but I learned mostly by self-publishing my own books first and talking to my peers in the field.


I work from home via telemedicine on Mondays and Fridays and focus on clients during those days. I also have help with marketing, 3-4 editors, and graphic design, so I’m not doing all of the work myself.

  • Work on your brand first. Tell them what you’re about.


  • Don’t be afraid to be in front of the camera and on social media. It’s ok to promote yourself. Nay, it’s necessary.


  • Ask for help. And, pay for it 🙂

Don’t start from scratch. You’ve probably written your first couple of chapters years ago… in your blog, journal or on social media already. Start there.


Thanks to Dr. Corriel and #SoMeDocs for the highlight. If you’re interested in me

teaching and helping you to create your best-selling book, come to our 2nd Writer’s

Retreat on October 19-20, 2019 here in Durham. Here’s the link for info and tickets:


5 Love Languages of Self-Care

I recently released a new e-book, with the above title. Check out a piece here and get the entire e-book at my online store,

“Being selfish can be life-saving. Take time out for you.”

Have you heard of this book (The 5 Love Languages, by Gary Chapman) ? It was and is a key ingredient, I believe, in the happy marriage I have with hubby, and used as a teaching tool during our pre-marital counseling before our wedding. We refer back to it often. Here are the languages that Gary Chapman explains in his book:

1. Words of Affirmation
2. Acts of Service
3. Receiving Gifts
4. Quality Time
5. Physical Touch

My 2 are Receiving Gifts and Physical Touch.


Chapter 1

Words of Affirmation

Stop degrading yourself in word and in deed; in real life and on social media. Research shows 80% of our own self-talk is negative. There’s enough negativity in the world to go around. Don’t be your own worst enemy. Speak life into your situation daily. Stop saying “can’t” or “might not,” and say  “can” and “will.”


New Year New You 2019: The Recap

I’m finally getting back to real life since my annual event. It was full of love, sisterhood, self-care and networking…..just what the doctor ordered 😉

Our media and blog partner was The Lux Blog, and they blessed us with a recap of the event. I have a free prize for the first person to repost this blog post, including the Lux Box from the kind folks at The Lux Blog (owner Kimberly Knight). It includes A The Lux Blog t-shirt, a journal, and a complimentary ticket to The Lux Blog NC Blog Conference & Mixer on Saturday, June 29th.

Go for it!

Abeba A. Goes To DocSwiner’s New Year, New You 2019

Written By: Abeba A.

Photo Credit: Lynette Lee of Write Productions



I kicked off my first conference of the year at an annual women’s conference created and hosted by physician and author  Dr. C. Nicole Swiner (“DocSwiner”) on January 12th at the American Underground in Durham. In creating the event, DocSwiner said it was important for her to create a safe space for women to network , learn and relax. As an author, her book  titled How to Avoid the Superwoman Complex, is a  twelve step guide emphasizing the importance of self care, balancing mind, body and spirit.

Event Coordinator Raven Herndon said, “A lot of times we feel like we have to kind of carry the whole world on our shoulders. So what she is saying is, we can reject that whole superwoman complex, we don’t have to do that we are wonderful in who we are”.

On its fourth year of success, the New Year, New You conference featured speakers from different backgrounds sharing their story, music by DJ Big Fella and a special treat for attendees with Spa Utopia, a luxury mobile spa company.

The featured keynote speaker for this year’s event was the founder of  MESS in a Bottle Kalilah Wright. Opening up about her journey, Wright began her entrepreneurial path while working as an architect. She said the first takeaway for anyone trying to start a business is, “don’t hustle backwards.” Wright realized this important step when she started her first business making custom baby furniture. She said it was to much labor and not enough profit. Later, she started another business painting on baby clothes. After a few inquiries from people wanting the designs on t-shirts, she had another realization,  the t-shirts weren’t taking up to much of her time and she was making money. As she was spending more time planning her business, she had to make a choice between architecture and her new found business. In making this difficult decision, she gave herself a year to make it work and if it didn’t she would go back to being an architect. Looking back now, she said her architecture background has helped her throughout the designing process. The entrepreneurship journey hasn’t been easy for Wright but she continues to persevere. A few takeaways from her inspirational message to start the new year:

  1. Don’t be afraid of the process
  2. To level up, just start
  3. Don’t hustle backwards
  4. Be unapologetically you
  5. Trust the process

If you have that business idea or something that has been on your list for a while, start it without hesitation. New Year, New You is the perfect way to start the year with some amazing women. Sometimes we all need that extra push to get started , relax and congratulate ourselves with each step.


Featured Panelists: Phonte, Tamisha Waden, and Joshua Gunn with DocSwiner.

Keep in Touch with DocSwiner:

Facebook, IG, & Twitter @DocSwiner

New Year New You 2019 is Coming!

New Year, New You is Coming!
DocSwiner returns with her highly anticipated event!
Dr. C. Nicole Swiner presents New Year New You 2019 which will be on Saturday, January 12, 2019. DocSwiner is committed to curating thought-provoking and creative events that inspire her audience. The New Year New You series is celebrating 4 years of success of connecting like-minded women of all backgrounds for a visionary experience. This year you can expect some of your favorite influencers in the area serving on the panel. Rapper & Co-Founder of Black August NC Joshua Gunn, Group Members of The Foreign Exchange Tamisha Waden and Phonte, and Social Media Influencer Danita King will be chatting with DocSwiner about their professional experiences. The official Keynote Speaker is Design Director of MESS in a Bottle Kalilah Wright ready to give an inspiring message to all in attendance.
Plus, you will get to see some of your favorite local brands sponsoring the event!
So get your tickets today so you can join in on this amazing event that sales out quickly!
DocSwiner Sizzle Reel
Dr. C. Nicole Swiner is a practicing Family/General Medicine physician, loving wife, an award-winning self-published author, professional speaker, and devoted mother of two beautiful daughters. Her book “How to Avoid the Superwoman Complex” discusses the importance of self-care and that you are at your best when you internalize the lesson that you cannot be everything to everyone perfectly.
“As an act of Self-Preservation I am encouraged to say no more and set boundaries”. – DocSwiner

The Tweet That Took On a Life of Its Own: A Convo with my 5yo

This tweet literally took on a life of its own.

The Tweet

To date, it’s amassed the most likes (86K times & growing), retweets (9.9K times & growing) and comments I’ve ever received. There are both positive and negative responses. I guess it’s a hot topic. I thought about deleting it, but nah…….

What I thought was an adorable, light-hearted conversation between me and my youngest child, turned out to spark a national conversation on female versus male doctors. The truth is, in 2018, as a black and female physician, I’m still a unicorn; a unicorn in the sense that many people may feel that I’m still a mystical and magical creature, one who doesn’t really exist in this world of discrimination, the #metoo movement, and, particularly for me in the South, with the “good ol’ boy” mentality that still exists. Being a role model for my children, who are both girls, is necessary. I also co-own my practice, which means my daughters have the opportunity to see me in a leadership role and I hope are proud when they come to the clinic to see mommy in action.

My husband is incredible and always has been supportive of what makes me happy and fulfilled in business, life and love. He (and I, for that matter) doesn’t necessarily identify with the label “feminist,” but he understands the importance of women knowing that they are valued and can accomplish any and everything they want. He wants our daughters to know they are beautiful, brilliant and capable–equal to or better than any man on this planet and universe. And, I’m proud of that.

So, when my 5yo asks if “men can be doctors, too,” it’s because of what she sees around her. Her mommy is a female doctor, many of her “Aunties” and loved ones (including her god-mother) are female doctors or professionals, and her Pediatrician is a female doctor. This is normal for her. I don’t want her to have an invisible ceiling. F– that.

And, in this day and age, I’m proud of that.


October: Breast Cancer Awareness & New Year New You 2019 Announcement

Hey there!

So, why is the time flying?!!! I feel like we were just planning New Year New You 2018. *deep breath*, time really does fly when you are having fun.

How have you all been? Hopefully, October, and the great year of 2018, have been treating you well. I am excited to share that New Year New You 2019 tickets are now on sale!

All of the conference info is available on Eventbrite (, where you can buy your ticket, and the Facebook event page (Facebook Page), where you can follow along for special announcements!

Our keynote speaker:
Single Mom.
Fearless Goddess Entrepreneur.
My girl, Kalilah Wright, CEO of MESS in a Bottle, hailing from Brooklyn, by way of Baltimore, will be blessing us with her wisdom and knowledge for the New Year. She’ll talk about how she made it over! Join us; you don’t wanna miss her!

We’re also happy to collab with Spa Utopia – Luxury Travel Spa (A Division of Utopia Living) & N’aya Powell for a VIP experience like no other during our conference.
The VIP ticket will provide:
-Spa Utopia Pamper Suite Experience- 
Includes: mini Utopian Body Aromatherapy gift bag (mist, tea, chocolate) and choice of one of the following spa services:
20 min – aromatherapy table massage or
20 min – aromatherapy reflexology (foot massage)

Ms. Powell will also share with us from her topic, “Utopia Living – 10 Daily Habits -To an Intentional You”

They will have products in tow for sale, including Utopian Body/Living products, bath salts & more

Buy one, or get a couple for your girlfriends as gifts.

Only 50 spots available!




Stay tuned for upcoming announcements of our special guest panel and swag bag participants coming soon!

Want a discount code on both early bird regular and VIP tickets? Join my email list at or my Facebook group at for access!

Breast Cancer


Breast cancer, unfortunately, has affected each one of us in some type of way. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cancer is the second leading cause of death in the US, with breast cancer being second highest types of cancer in the US. Breast cancer affects both females and males, and it is important that we stay in tune with our bodies so we can recognize some typical signs.

Signs include:

  • New lump in the breast or underarm (armpit).
  • Thickening or swelling of part of the breast.
  • Irritation or dimpling of breast skin.
  • Redness or flaky skin in the nipple area or the breast.
  • Pulling in of the nipple or pain in the nipple area.
  • Nipple discharge other than breast milk, including blood.
  • Any change in the size or the shape of the breast.
  • Pain in any area of the breast.


All breast cancer information was retrieved from the CDC which can be found here.

Take care and be blessed,

DocSwiner 🙂