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Tackling the Superwoman Epidemic among Moms of Color w/ Dr. Omolara


If you’re off today and taking it easy, why don’t you take a listen to a fun and insightful podcast I had with a fellow mommy doc of color? It’s on my fave topics!! Thanks to Dr. Omolara of Supermom Rehab for having me.
On this week’s episode, I get to speak with the “No Superwoman” doc- Dr. C. Nicole Swiner, (@docswiner) about why tackling the Superwoman epidemic among moms of color is so critical for our health and well-being and practical solutions we can use to stop it from showing up in our motherhood journeys.⠀

This interview quickly turned into a fabulous chat that spanned a bunch of topics including our connection as dance moms of two little girls and reigning in our “tiger mom” tendencies. We also spoke about why tackling being a supermom is not something we can do alone and the importance of getting support and guidance from others.⠀

This aligned so perfectly with why group coaching is essential for moms of color,and many of you know, I run my Mama First coaching program for helping working moms of color experiencing stress learn how to invest in themselves. (FULL SHOW NOTES at:⠀

Have a great one,

Doc 🙂

New Year New You 2019: The Recap

I’m finally getting back to real life since my annual event. It was full of love, sisterhood, self-care and networking…..just what the doctor ordered 😉

Our media and blog partner was The Lux Blog, and they blessed us with a recap of the event. I have a free prize for the first person to repost this blog post, including the Lux Box from the kind folks at The Lux Blog (owner Kimberly Knight). It includes A The Lux Blog t-shirt, a journal, and a complimentary ticket to The Lux Blog NC Blog Conference & Mixer on Saturday, June 29th.

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Abeba A. Goes To DocSwiner’s New Year, New You 2019

Written By: Abeba A.

Photo Credit: Lynette Lee of Write Productions



I kicked off my first conference of the year at an annual women’s conference created and hosted by physician and author  Dr. C. Nicole Swiner (“DocSwiner”) on January 12th at the American Underground in Durham. In creating the event, DocSwiner said it was important for her to create a safe space for women to network , learn and relax. As an author, her book  titled How to Avoid the Superwoman Complex, is a  twelve step guide emphasizing the importance of self care, balancing mind, body and spirit.

Event Coordinator Raven Herndon said, “A lot of times we feel like we have to kind of carry the whole world on our shoulders. So what she is saying is, we can reject that whole superwoman complex, we don’t have to do that we are wonderful in who we are”.

On its fourth year of success, the New Year, New You conference featured speakers from different backgrounds sharing their story, music by DJ Big Fella and a special treat for attendees with Spa Utopia, a luxury mobile spa company.

The featured keynote speaker for this year’s event was the founder of  MESS in a Bottle Kalilah Wright. Opening up about her journey, Wright began her entrepreneurial path while working as an architect. She said the first takeaway for anyone trying to start a business is, “don’t hustle backwards.” Wright realized this important step when she started her first business making custom baby furniture. She said it was to much labor and not enough profit. Later, she started another business painting on baby clothes. After a few inquiries from people wanting the designs on t-shirts, she had another realization,  the t-shirts weren’t taking up to much of her time and she was making money. As she was spending more time planning her business, she had to make a choice between architecture and her new found business. In making this difficult decision, she gave herself a year to make it work and if it didn’t she would go back to being an architect. Looking back now, she said her architecture background has helped her throughout the designing process. The entrepreneurship journey hasn’t been easy for Wright but she continues to persevere. A few takeaways from her inspirational message to start the new year:

  1. Don’t be afraid of the process
  2. To level up, just start
  3. Don’t hustle backwards
  4. Be unapologetically you
  5. Trust the process

If you have that business idea or something that has been on your list for a while, start it without hesitation. New Year, New You is the perfect way to start the year with some amazing women. Sometimes we all need that extra push to get started , relax and congratulate ourselves with each step.


Featured Panelists: Phonte, Tamisha Waden, and Joshua Gunn with DocSwiner.

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Sharing my story with the Macscientists: A Day in the Life of a #MacScientist 

October 5, 2017


Hey guys! It’s my favorite time of the month…Macademics time! This month, I decided to do a feature on my aunt, Dr. Nicole Price Swiner aka DocSwiner! She’s a medical doctor and she’s amazing. She has her own family medicine practice in North Carolina and a few books out. I thought it was important to showcase other branches of science so you guys get a broad idea of different paths you may want to go.  See what she had to say below.


How/When did you know you wanted to go into STEM?

I knew probably in high school that I had an interest in science, math and caring for people in some way. I was doing well in school and babysat alot, so I and adults around me encouraged me to think about medicine as a way to combine my interests and become a doctor.

What was your journey like to become a doctor? Specifically, undergrad and medical school?

I attended Duke University for undergrad; Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) for med school; and then UNC-Chapel Hill for my family medicine residency.

Favorite and least favorite moments of your career?

Least favorite was almost failing my first year because of the struggle of learning to study and absorb massive amounts of info in a short amount of time. Fortunately, I was able to seek counseling on how to study based on my personality, buckle down, pray for strength and made it through. Best moment was probably the first time I delivered a baby on my own with the crying, happy family in the room. It was my ‘Ah-ha’moment; I’ve chosen the right career path.

Did you have a mentor? If so, what is the best piece of advice he/she gave you?

Yes, in high school, I was fortunate to work the front desk  in a dentist’s office, and he was very supportive in allowing me to shadow him while seeing patients. It was my first glimpse, first-hand, of patient care and running a business.

For girls reading this post that want to become doctors, what is one thing you know now that you wished someone had told you before starting your journey?

Never quit! Even when your confidence is low, grades are low and nay-sayers tell you to quit. Don’t. Follow the steps I did with counseling, tutoring, prayer and planning and you can make it. Ask for help, when you need it.

If you have anymore questions for DocSwiner, follow her FB page @docswiner and maybe maybe a shirt or two.

See you all next week!

-The Chemist


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