Dr. Swiner’s Medical Note of the Month-October 2010-Ask Dr. Swiner!

Ask Dr. Swiner

Published Wednesday, September 29, 2010 7:00 am

by Nicole Price Swiner, Columnist

The following are some recent questions I’ve been asked on e-mail or on Facebook. I hope this helps others with similar questions.

Dear Dr. Swiner: One of my friends works with an at-risk population. She does not remember if she has had a Hepatitis series of shots. She would like to know if she needs the shots. And, if she has, when should she take the series again? – A.C., 40-year-old teacher

Swiner: What I do is either check blood for the antibodies and then give another booster if the blood is negative, Or just go ahead and give a booster. (There is no clear recommendation to do the whole series again, so I just do one booster.)

Dear Dr. Swiner: I’m in the process of trying to stop drinking so many sodas, but at the same time I think I’m quite dehydrated. I have been trying to drink more water. Is there anything I can do for this headache because it is KILLING me and has been for days now? -K.F., 21-year-old massage therapist

Swiner: You have to taper yourself down by halving your doses each day like a drug. You will have headaches that you may have to either push through (Ibuprofen or Tylenol) or use Excedrin migraine to treat the headache because it also has small amounts of caffeine in it.

Dear Dr. Swiner: In reference to your last article on eczema, steroid cream and other treatments, what can be done for night itching for children? It is so bad. – A.R., 32-year-old health educator

Swiner: For night itching, you might add oral Benadryl, Claritin or Zyrtec if they’re not already on it.

Dear Dr. Swiner: My aunt had a stroke, has diabetes and high blood pressure, and  is on iron tablets. She bleeds a lot for 10 days straight because of fibroids. Do you think birth control pills could reduce the bleeding or would that be a bad combination? I will do my own online research, but I wanted to get an expert opinion. – N.M., 34-year-old female

Swiner: I would probably stay away from birth control pills mostly because of the stroke. If you went the hormonal route, you might stay with an IUD, Depo shot or Implanon (the new Norplant). Or just have the fibroids removed or a full hysterectomy.

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