Dr. Swiner’s Medical Notes, 1/1/12, Healthy New Year

This could be YOUR year. This SHOULD be YOUR year. Not in the selfish sense, but sort of. Want to quit smoking? You can! Want to lose weight? You can! Get that blood pressure or blood sugar down? What’s stopping you?

ges that could reduce detrimental problems in the future. The first step to that is advocating everyone have his or her own primary doctor. That means stop using the urgent care and emergency room system as your routine place for medical care. It’s inefficient, costly, and unnecessary.

Second, get your annual physicals and well child checks. Many medical issues, such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes are “silent killers”. These things usually occur without any symptoms at all, and you wouldn’t know if you had it unless you were checked out.

Lastly, this year, use common sense. It’s common knowledge now that smoking is dangerous; unprotected sex is deadly; sedentary lifestyles lead to obesity and associated illnesses; restful sleep is vital; drinking water is important; and being happy, truly being happy, is essential.

Happy New Year!

-Dr. Swiner

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