The book is here! How to Avoid the Superwoman Complex…….

Hopefully, you’ve heard by now, but my book was officially released last month. It’s available on Amazon and Kindle at

Here’s my bio:

How to Avoid the Superwoman Complex is both a labor of necessity and of love for Dr. Swiner, as she started writing shortly after residency and starting her practice as a family doctor. The articles were born out of a desire to help her community and were featured in a local newspaper. The writings soon developed common themes, such as the importance of preventive health and of self-awareness as a way to prevent illness. After 7 years, she dreamed of putting all of her common sense medical advice into book form. And thus, How to Avoid the Superwoman Complex was born. The superwoman (or superman) complex is the false belief that one person can be all things to all people, perfectly. It can have devastating effects—emotionally, mentally and physically. She hopes this book will serve as a guide for recovering superwomen (and supermen) everywhere to avoid said negative effects, and to make it a little easier and less stressful to take care of one’s self and family.

IMG_9254Nicole Swiner, MD, is a family physician, wife and mother of 2 in North Carolina. She loves taking care of the family as a whole—from the cradle to the grave. Her interests include Minority Health, Women’s Health and Pediatrics. For her undergraduate education, she attended Duke University and went to medical school at the Medical University of South Carolina, in Charleston, SC. She’s lived in the Triangle since finishing residency at the University of North Carolina and continues teaching medical students and residents as an Adjunct Associate Professor with the university’s Family Medicine department. When she’s not treating patients at Durham Family Medicine, she’s speaking in the community, writing, or spending time with her family. Her passion is making medicine “plain” to her patients, so that all people, from all walks of life, can understand how to take better care of themselves and their families.

Join me on Facebook, Instagram (mrsswiner), and Twitter (docswiner). I am also available for speaking and teaching engagements.

Now, go, buy, read and share!



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