July events, and a part 2?????

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed your Independence Day as much as I did with my family. It was time of getting together with loved ones, indulging in good food and drink and remembering our great freedoms in this country. It was also a time of reflection, as I visited my hometown of Charleston, SC, of how much further we need to go with our treatment of each other, no matter what race/color/creed, so history doesn’t repeat itself. Let’s take heed, and care for one another a little more.

To lighter topics—I’m also beginning to consider a part 2 to the book. After all, isn’t that what most authors think about once the first book is released??? When’s the next one coming? It’s almost similar to what happens when you finally get married. The next question everyone always asks is, “So….when’s the baby coming?”. Geesh. Give me a minute 🙂

Well, while I ponder the ifs and whens of another book, and what I would call it, etc. (maybe…..The Follow Up Visit….we’ll see), see the schedule below for my July events. I’d love to have you listen in to the radio shows and/or come to see me at Barnes and Nobles-New Hope Commons if you’re free!

I also released a “book club package deal” for those who’d love to host a book club gathering with some free and discounted goodies. See below for details. I’ll even travel and come to do a Q&A once you’ve finished the book for no additional costs (…..for now, so take advantage, while you can!)

Have a great month, and I hope to see or hear from you soon. Continue to leave reviews of the book on Amazon.com and http://www.barnesandnoble.com.


Nicole 🙂bookclubdealjuly events

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