“Friday Night Shout Outs” is for the soul……& Periscope!

Is everyone on Periscope yet? If not, it’s a free app that you download to your smartphone that allows you to hear and see live video chats from people that you follow. It also allows for you to text and have questions answered and interact in real time. Very cool. So if you haven’t joined yet, consider doing so. I am on there under the name “docswiner.” I plan to do weekly posts entitled, no superwoman Saturdays, which should be fun, about different medical topics or whatever tickles my fancy that day.

I just posted one this weekend, entitled “Friday night shout outs and shoulder pain!” The most important part of it was explaining what Friday night shout outs is to everyone. It’s a game that my husband and I created for one another early on in our relationship. We figured, in most relationships, we are bogged down by daily drama, work, stress… you name it. However, your loved one always likes to hear sweet nothings from you to sweeten up your relationship, so why not set out a specific day of the week, every week, to make sure you let them know why you appreciate them. This is good for the ‘good feeling’ hormones, like your endorphins and your adrenaline, to get things moving, if you know what I mean! It can be as simple as, “Thanks for taking out the trash, Honey”; or “Thanks for buying me a new car,” if you’re that lucky, but remind your spouse how much you need and appreciate them. My husband, who I consider to be a bit of a love expert himself, always tells me how much a man needs to feel needed and appreciated on a regular basis. It’s usually their ‘love language,’ if you are familiar with that book. So, why not set aside that day, where you are speaking positive things into, and about, your relationship, to make sure it remains happy.

We all know what an unhealthy and unfulfilling relationship can do to our health, with all the stress that it brings. So, hopefully you have chosen a worthy and deserving partner to be with, and if not, changes may need to be made. It’s okay to let someone go, if you know that the both of you can be happier either alone or with someone else. Don’t stay in an unhealthy or toxic relationship for any reason, and that includes for the children. Children can tell when things are tense and sad in a relationship, and that does not help them to form healthy loving relationships when they grow older, so spare everyone and move on two different environments that will help everyone to be happy. We all know what stress does to the body, by now, especially if you have read my book, because I see it on a daily basis as a family doc.

High blood pressure, migraine headaches, constant tension and muscle pain, can all be negative effects that we carry around and not even realize are affected by things going on in our lives.

So take note, and then do something about it.

Stay happy and healthy, Dr. Swiner.

PS. Go download the Periscope app now and follow me!

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