So…..this happened today. Sprained ankles and such!

“So, what HAD happened was…..” is the best way to start today’s post. I awakened, quite chipperly this morning, feeling pretty good about the day. Got up early to study for this dreadful exam I have to take in 2 weeks, and I left the house early to get coffee before going into the office to see patients. I stopped at my fave local coffee shop and proceeded to walk in the back door, when my foot slipped on a wet ramp and fell on my backside. My right knee and ankle popped, and I couldn’t get up. Like, literally,… the old lady commercial…couldn’t get up.

So, the first thing I did, like any self respecting human being…..well, the first thing I did was cry. Not necessarily because of the pain (and believe me, there was A LOT of pain), but mostly because I was mad! The second immediate, self respecting, thing I did was look around to see if anyone saw me. Thankfully, no one did. But now I had to figure out how do I get up!? Thankfully, 2 baristas heard I was outside and 2 customers helped to hoist me up, and I limped to my car. I drove myself the brief distance, mostly with my left foot, to my office, and called folks to bring the wheelchair. I received the usual “Are you ok?” and “What happened?”, with snickers of laughter between looks of concern, as I laughed at myself.

Long story short, blah…blah…blah….Chili checked me out (see picture). Didn’t think it was a fracture and X-rays are normal. So, mostly I hurt my pride and my feelings.

So, of course, when I told my husband and posted it on Facebook, I got the obligatory, “Are you following your own advice, Superwoman?” and “How to NOT avoid the superwoman complex” (that one was funny). I guess I asked for it, since I wrote the book and all, but how was this MY fault. I didn’t make it rain. I didn’t hop, skip and jump to the door. I walked like a normal person. This had nothing to do with the Superwoman Complex. But, I digress……….(however, I do get the humor.)

Now for some medicine. How am I going to fix these sprains so I can get back to baseline? Ever heard of R.I.C.E. It stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. That’s what I’m doing right now as I type. Most falls end up in sprains, which seem to hurt more and last longer than actual broken bones, but thank goodness nothing’s broken. So, I’m going to take Ibuprofen 800mg three times a day for a couple days, wear some braces, and elevate when I can. I also was able to get a massage today by the wonderful Helen Jimmerson Johnson and she gave special attention to my injured, swollen ankle and knee, which was right on time.

So, I’ll take it easy and try to relax a bit and continue to heal.

See ya,

Dr. Swiner

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