NewYearNewYou2016….indeed. Do It Afraid!

So, it’s almost a week since the inaugural event. My first women’s conference, “New Year, New You 2016!” was a hit, and I’m still on cloud 9! What a dream come true to have witnessed the ones closest to me in thought, idea and friendship come together to share this moment with me. I felt like a bride meeting her bridegroom and uniting in this light of positive energy and love.–Ok, enough waxing philoscophic and get down to brass tax… felt fantastic. And now, they want more!

Some pearls, to name a few:

I spoke on the Lady Docs panel from the theme of “Do it Afraid.”

Tamara Gibbs left us with the idea of a “Break Through.”

Dr. Lowe-Payne told us not forget our Faith with our medical advice.

Wyjuana Montgomery spoke from a place of “No Fear.”

A wonderful time was had by all, and even though I already knew what the program entailed, I was uplifted and empowered to go forward with my plans of improvement.

When I think more about “doing it afraid,” I’m reminded of how this whole conference came together. I had an idea, a seed. I gathered those around me, most who are smarter and more experienced than I am, to help. I prayed about it and was steadfast, and it came together like clockwork. Don’t give up on your dream. Ask for help. Work hard and pray harder, and most things will work out.

So, let’s all walk this scripture out this year together: “Faith without Works is Dead”–James 2:14-26.

See you at #NewYearNewYou2017!

Be Healthy and Be Blessed,

#Docswiner 🙂

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