“No New Friends”? I disagree.

‪#‎snowdayreflections‬ ‪#‎tribe‬

Drake said “No New Friends,” but I beg to differ.

I completely agree with loving and keeping your old friends, but over this year, I can’t express enough how blessed we’ve been to have met some of the most creative, compelling, inspiring, collaborating folks. They have motivated me to think outside the box and reach goals I’d never thought of.

So, yes to both old AND new friends.

As you age, your friend circle generally gets smaller. However, it still remains important to be open to gaining some newbies that encourage you to grow. They support and help you dream the dreams and put them in to action. That’s the real definition of #tribe. Drake should change that to “No lame friends.”

Now, back to your regularly scheduled snow day shenanigans. (We over here getting this snuggle time and comfort food, by the way.)


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