Faith without Works is Dead.

Happy Sunday, everyone. I woke up with my children, bright and early as always (when do children realize they/the parents can sleep in on the weekends, by the way? I digress….) and turned on my favorite TV broadcast to get some Word. I’m a member of Union Baptist, but when attending “Bedside Baptist” (ie. didn’t make it to church) I like to watch TV programming of Pastor Andy and World Overcomers Christian Church.

I’ve been talking a lot about “doing it afraid” as a theme of this year, and recently posted one of my favorite quotes from the Bible on social media. James 2:26 (paraphrased) states that “Faith without works is dead,” and I can attest to that. This morning, Pastor Andy preached from Samuel, noting the story of David and Goliath. If you recall, the young boy, David was not afraid to confront the 9 foot tall giant, and welcomed the challenge. He even ran to meet the giant, unafraid, and even though he prepared himself in case he failed, (read: he gathered 5 stones before going, not just one….that was deep) he had every confidence in God that he would be delivered.

Even if you’re not religious, you can see that even though we might believe in miracles and “good luck,” a little bit of elbow grease goes a long way. Don’t sit idly while hoping your dreams come true. Do a little (or a lotta) work to get your goals accomplished while waiting for divine intervention.

Just a little get up a go for all of us this morning. Take care!

Docswiner 🙂

2 responses to “Faith without Works is Dead.”

  1. Thank you for that jewel this morning #docSwiner. This spoke to me this morning. I have fallen victim to the great faith, little work syndrome. For years, I have talked the talk but have been so good at walking the walk. But throughout the first month of this year and #consecration2016 with WOCC, the Lord has been really been speak to me through the people in my life and heard him but I wasn’t listening. So yesterday, He sent the loudest and clearest message to me through my very best friend. I have to get work and keep the faith knowing that it will all work out. So thank you for sharing that confirmation this morning. You are #awesomesauce #docSwiner!

    1. You’re #AWESOMESAUCE! I thought about you while watching since you had a celebrity shot on the broadcast. It was fate that I was supposed to be watching it!

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