You Don’t Have to “Woman” Alone.

I think woman is a verb. As I’ve looked around at some of the incredible women in my environment and life, I’ve been awe-inspired by the examples of Moms, wives, entrepreneurs and single ladies I have. I wanted to touch on the wonderful support and cheerleading I receive from many of them, both near and far.

One of my pet peeves is seeing and hearing women tear other women down. I hear and see it social media often. Oftentimes, we’re super critical of one another and make each other feel guilty for doing the things we do or don’t do well. We fat shame and body shame each other and discuss how NOT to trust one another.

Fortunately, I’m part of some groups, online and in real life, such as Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc; EmpowHER; Mocha Medicine; PMG (Physician/Mommy group); that always serve as a sounding board for various issues that may stress me out. I have girlfriends and 3 incredible sisters-in-laws who care for me, that although we don’t talk daily, I know always have my back and are there to help when I need them.

We take care of husband, boyfriend, partner, girlfriend, children, besties, friends, neighbors, pets….and then maybe… ourselves.

We cook, clean, prepare the week, plan the calendar, schedule appointments, do the baby’s hair, straighten up and hold down a full time job.

We go to school, go to the gym, carpool, pick up, drop off and wipe noses and tears.

Wouldn’t you be exhausted?

I’m not sure I’d call myself a feminist, but I love the way women “woman”. I’m a fan of us and of how we do (or try to do) all of these things for the betterment of others. Just don’t forget you in the process. Don’t forget you have other sisters in the struggle to help support you. Ask for help.

You are not alone, sister.CNicoleSwiner2HiRes

The #(No)Superwoman said so 😉


PS. by the way, just for you….”The Superwoman Complex: A Follow Up Visit™” is coming soon. Stay tuned.

One response to “You Don’t Have to “Woman” Alone.”

  1. This has made my day. I was just thinking of all the things we do as women. This has reminded me that i am not alone and self-care is not selfish. Self care keeps my cup from running over.

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