Don’t Rock the Boat…..

I’m with my husband on my first (his second) ever cruise. I was nervous, because I’d never been on one before, and I can’t swim. I planned out getting a motion sickness patch, antibiotics for the possibility of Traveler’s Diarrhea, and tried to prepare myself for what the feeling of the rocking boat would feel like. I planned out the days to the tee about what my girls were going to eat, play and wear, while they’re staying with their Aunt. The truth is, you can’t really prepare or control for what it feels like. You just have to let go and enjoy it.

I awakened the 2nd day of the cruise and jumped onto my computer to write this. I remembered last night, feeling out of control, as the ship began to rock a little harder and sway just a little more, while I was trying to fall asleep. I looked out of our window to see the waves and wondered if we were anywhere close to the tropical storm that was near the coast of Florida, where we were traveling. I wanted to call the front desk and ask if we were close to the storm and whether the Captain was navigating around it. I later realized how silly that was and just prayed that God would calm the waters and get us through the storm. I said to myself and to the water “Peace be still” and closed my eyes to fall back to sleep.

This is a metaphor for us, Superwomen. The point is we have to let go at some point and just enjoy. The phrase “don’t rock the boat” came to mind as I awakened to a much calmer morning and looked at the smoother waves outside.

Recently, in my career and business, wonderful things and opportunities have been happening. I thank the Lord that He allowed these things to come to pass, in spite of me. We often get in our own way and try to control too much. We have to remember to step out of the way and let God do what He has planned in our lives. The night before leaving for this cruise, I learned I was nominated and invited to go to the first United State of Women’s Summit at the White House. I had been hoping and dreaming and applying and asking God to work this out for me. I had given up on the idea of this happening, and then all of a sudden, the acceptance letter came. I celebrated briefly, and then became fearful of HOW I was going to make it happen—how was I going to travel; how was I going to pay for the flight so close to the event; in what hotel was I going to stay with the high cost of staying in the city, etc. Lo and behold, a dear friend of mine is already going to be in DC for work and offered for the both of us to stay together for free and drive together to be each other’s company and travel with less cost. Wow! The plans worked themselves out. He let me know He was still the One in control.

So, in life, let’s remind ourselves to step out of our own way and not rock the boat. We, ultimately, are not the ones in control. As a matter of fact, being a “control freak,” can literally drive you crazy at times. Have the faith that it will work out. Have the strength to speak to your situation. When things at work seem out of control, or our kids don’t seem to be listening, sometimes we have to pray and let it go. When we’re doing too much to control the situation, we often mess it up. Ride the waves sometimes, and just watch what happens. Enjoy the boat ride. God has your back.

Be Healthy and Be Blessed,


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