Cruisin’ the Washington Auto Show 2017 as an Influencer!

I spent my first time as an official social media influencer at the Washington Auto Show 2017 this past week (@WashAutoShow, #WAS17). It was a step out on faith and outside of the box for me, but my goal is to be able to use social media to educate the masses about the Superwoman Complex and gain more opportunities, even if outside of medicine. @SheBuysCars is a phenomenal group, led by Scotty Reiss, Kim Orlando and Jenn Green, that supports women and all things cars. I applied and got the job to spend the day with other media and press promoting the event in DC.

I learned 3 major things that day!

  1. I love cars! I had no idea that I craved the new car smell and feeling a wood grain steering wheel. Both of these needs were met while getting our private tour of the new Hyundai Genesis and Ioniq. Both are built like space ships! Well, not really, but almost. The trunk space of the Genesis is humungous and the back seats recline. I was able to fit myself–all 5’9.5” of height in the passenger seat, and a new friend I met in the group–who was about 5’11”–in the back seat, and there was plenty of space. I absolutely loved it!
  2. The next time I buy a car, I want to phone it in. The Genesis team has developed software online that allows you to purchase you car online. There is also an app that allows you to lock your doors, turn on security or order for service of the car. They’ll even pick up your car and deliver a rental.
  3.  I love being an influencer. It was a long day, on my feet, walking around with with my camera phone/earbuds/selfie stick/Ipad, but I loved every minute of it. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

And make sure to check out the new Hyundais that are available, and the show in DC goes on until February 5th, so check it out if you’re in town. Tix available here:

This year, step outside of your comfort zone and do things that don’t fit within the realm of your usual….just for the experience.


2 responses to “Cruisin’ the Washington Auto Show 2017 as an Influencer!”

  1. Congrats on your first official day as an influencer! I love the new car smell too. We had fun. 🙂

    1. Thanks, lady! I hope we stay connected and I get to see you again soon! 🙂

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