5 Reasons to Do Unscripted Hotel for Your Holiday Staycation!

Looking for a fun overnight day night or a place to put the relatives when they come visit for the Holidays????

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be buying food, creating menus, handing out the candies and planning Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Holiday time comes with a normal and abnormal amount of stress (remember, good stress is still stress). Well, if you’re in the Triangle, you might have heard of a brand new boutique hotel called Unscripted that is the talk of the town. We’ve been hanging out there since its opening this Summer and love it.

For hubby’s birthday, we planned to hang out in downtown Durham, visiting our favorite spots, like Alley 26, Motorco for live music and then stay overnight. It was the perfect go-between, with its own parking deck, where we parked and walked next door for food or uber’d to the concert. When I told the ladies we were celebrating a birthday, they added a nice touch with a bottle of chilled champagne and 2 glasses awaiting our arrival. It was a special occasion, but it doesn’t have to be in order to feel special in their rooms.

So, to summarize our overnight experience, here are 5 reasons you need to book your or your loved ones’ (or those you need to get out of your house) stay ASAP:

  1. The art deco is reminiscent of the old Jack Tar Motor Lodge, which Unscripted is housed in. You can see remnants of the floor, wall paper and decorations all around the building. It’s a standing piece of history of the city. Gotta love that.
  2. The check-in process is cool, as there is no official check-in desk. Concierge pros float around with tablets to help you. They just…..appear….ready to help.
  3. The coffee was great, and that’s a big deal to this caffeine-fiend. Despite there not being a coffee pot in the room, which I normally look forward to, the baristas downstairs in ‘all day’ lounge were ready and willing to greet you and make a fresh caramel macchiato to go.
  4. The rooftop pool/restaurant/bar goes without saying. Thankfully, it stays warm throughout the year here, so you should be ok going up there even for Thanksgiving. My fave drink there: Frose’. Fave snack: Carolina Popcorn. You’ll thank me later.
  5. There’s a discount code to use, so now you have to or you’re being wasteful. LOL, hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Here’s the code: DURHAMVIP at unscriptedhotels.com

Be well,


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