Wellness Wednesday: Work Life for the 40 & Over Club

Hey, good people!!! So, if you didn’t know I recently joined the 40 & over club this past April. Since joining I have now gained a new characteristic of not caring much about anything but the things I love. I have also re-created my work schedule where I will be in the clinic for only three days, with doing more tele-work from home. It inspired me to post some ideas and questions on Instragram in my Instastories and received some great feedback.

…and what perfect timing it was when I came across an article titled “People Over 40 Should Only Work 3 Days A Week, Expert Claim“….

Click here to read the article.

But while reading the article, it made me think…


Life is expensive! So working 3 days a week is taking a financial back step, or a financial cha-cha, depending on how you look at life. Me? I say let’s dance baby…let’s dance.

But okay, I understand. Working 3 days may not be financially feasible. So that leads me to remember some tips that helped me.

tip 1

Planning takes time, organization, and dedication. Set some time aside to prioritize your goals, and write them down.



Work less and live more! Life is more than work. You have to enjoy your free time; wait…you have to have free time to enjoy! If you feel that you are working too much, then cut back some on some work. Also, just learn how to say no.

So these next two tips are personal boundaries we have to set for ourselves. And although it will be tough, and take some time to master…I know we can do it!

tip 3


In addition to the article, I wanted to add a quote from two debt burden and financial experts Drs. Nii-Danko and Renee Darko.

“The debt burden for many physicians and other professionals can be a major factor in determining if cutting back hours is financially possible. For us, significantly decreasing our debt burden allowed us to not only cut back on the number hours that we worked, but actually allowed us to live on Nii’s salary so that Renée could primarily stay at home once our baby was born. Without so much debt, your income can really go a long way.”

If the article and above quote aren’t enough encouragement to cut back, then I don’t know what it! Also, find encouragement and inspiration from your tribe; your community. A good friend of mine tweeted this recently:


–right on time as I was writing this blog. Cutting back is required at times to practice healthy self-care.

Now, I don’t want you all to think that I don’t understand how hard it is to step back from our income. It’s easier said than done. However, I have confidence that we (the 40 & Older Boss Group) can cut back some days to enjoy our life! Let’s take control of our time & finances so we can live our BEST LIVES!

As Lil’ Duval says…….

living best life

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