Virtual Best-Selling Authors’ & Branding Retreat


We’re not canceling 2020. We’re continuing to move to the next level. Let’s get these books and brands going!
Announcing Swiner Publishing Co.’s Virtual Best-Sellers’ & Branding Event!
The link is live:
Oct. 10, 2020, 10am-3pm (changed from Oct. 3rd)
Come join @swinerpublishingcompany for our virtual authors’ and branding retreat.
For $199, you’ll get:
  • Me, DocSwiner, teaching tips and skills for you to DIY your best-selling book, blog or start that online business you’ve been seeking to do.
  • A free landing website page for each attendee for the live event.
  • Guest speakers, Jesica Averhart and Alechia Reese, will share their journeys and bullet points on how they became CEOs on the national stage and have elevated their brands and launched new books or businesses even during the pandemic.
  • One of my favorite MUAs (make-up artists), Emily Mason, will share at-home make-up tips for taking your own pics and headshots for your graphics and social media. She’ll also include a free make-up kit for each attendee.
  • A digital or printed and mailed workbook, a free follow-up one-on-one with Doc after the event and more free gifts……..
If you can’t make the live event and want the recording of the whole event, follow-up consultation and workbook to have later, the cost is $59.
Jesica Averhart
Emily Mason
Alechia Reese

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