New Beginnings.

My word for 2022 is: transition.

It is with great thought and consideration that I have made the decision to retire from clinical medicine as of March 1st, 2022.

I have served proudly as a primary care provider, family doctor and founding partner of Durham Family Medicine for the past 13 years. It is time to shift and transition into new ventures, primarily working from home, to be with my family more and have more time for rest and balance. I have enjoyed being an advocate for my patient population and the Durham community for my clinical career, and I plan to continue doing so in other ways outside of the clinic from here on out. 

For my current patients, I wish you continued health and wellness and want you to continue entrusting your family’s care and seeing our wonderful and capable clinicians and staff here at DFM. I have trained and ushered in Mr. Ben Johnson, FNP, whom you all once knew as my trusted nurse, and now, you’ll know as my favorite and favored licensed and certified Family Nurse Practitioner. He is ready to serve as one of my replacements to continue your family’s primary care long-term here. I also would entrust the care of my patients to any one of my providers that work here, including my partner, Dr. Mohan Chilukuri, and colleague, Mrs. Ijeoma Perkins, PA-c. 

I won’t be far, as you may still see me on the TV news preaching the gospel of self-care, No Superwoman and wellness or on social media doing the same. I’ll be putting more time and focus into my new IV hydration and wellness business, Serenity Hydration and Wellness, traveling nationally and internationally to speak to audiences, and publishing authors with Swiner Publishing Company. 

Stay in touch and be well.

With much love and adoration,

Doc Swiner


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